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Settembre 1998

The Archaeological Museum of Cirene is actually in equipment. In this museum are custodited a great part of a statues, reliefs and plates that belong to the Cirenaica places. The statuary comprises a famous marble group, the Three Graces, which was founded in the city. This iconographic theme was many diffuse in Greek and Roman age, in fact there is another same group in Tripoli Museum, but this preserver in a better manner. Between the statues of heroes and emperor wich you will find in the Museum there is a beautiful marble bust of Alexander the Great, some arcaic greek statues named kore and kouros, a stone Sphix. There are also many beautiful stone funerary statues. Some of this not have a face, others have the face covered by a veil. They represent Persefone, the goddes of the death. In the museum there are also some marble protraits of roman emperors and their wive, like Faustina, the wife of Antonino Pio, Agrippina, Caligola's wife and also the marble portraits of some Roman emperor, like Marco Aurelio, Adrian, Tiberio and Tolomeo III, the king of Cirene. There is also the portrait of the famous Berenice, which was the character of a famous Callimaco poem. There are many statues of divinity, like Athena, Zeus, Demetra, Dionysus, Hermes and Cupid. There are a statue of Apollo, Dioscuri and Muse, a Serapide statue and many beautiful plates. There is also a Nimph statue and a little marble head, a statue of sacerdot and some reliefs. There are also many Isis statues, Gorgonenion, a Hekataion statuette and many mosaic panels. In the end, you will find many beautiful gold and silver jewels that belong to the desertic popoulation.


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